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Putting a therapeutics startup in front of the perfect audiences

Pinkston Case Study

The Client engaged Pinkston to help shape and share its story with potential investors and non-dilutive funding partners through earned media outreach.

Pinkston began by conducting an extensive discovery and messaging process to help distill the Client's story and package it into compelling narratives that would resonate with different audiences. This included a biotechnology and clinical trials angle; a "founder's story" angle; and a narrative surrounding potential defense applications for the technology.

Through a challenging news cycle that was largely focused on Covid, Pinkston secured coverage in numerous trade publications, including Orthopedics This Week, MedTech Insight, MedGadget, The Scientist, Chemical and Engineering News, BioProcess Insider, Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology News, and The Medicine Maker. We also secured coverage in mainstream and veterans publications including,, Washington Times, BostInno and more.

The pieces attracted positive attention from investors and industry partners, and helped close a successful seed funding round that is fueling the company through the next stage of its business plan.

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After nearly 100 years in business, Pinkston helped breathe new life into EHE International’s public relations efforts. They have created opportunities for us to engage in relevant, meaningful media conversations that have strengthened our position and raised our public profile.
Deborah mckeever

Deborah McKeever
President & COO
EHE International