Our Guiding Principles

Pinkston's guiding principles frame our strategic direction and influence our day-to-day operations, from the kind of people we hire to the clients we partner with to the ways we work together. Contact us to learn more.

Principle #1

People Matter Most

We view our work as an opportunity to pour into the professional and personal lives of our colleagues and clients.

Principle #2

Change the World

We believe we’re called to change our world for the better, and we approach our work as if it has a meaningful, positive impact on individuals, communities, industries and even the world -- because it does.

Principle #3

Exceed Expectations

We’ve been given more than we deserve, and we work hard to deliver more than our clients and colleagues expect so they too can experience abundance.

Principle #4

Do Hard Things

Clients seek out Pinkston because they know we’re not only eager but uniquely capable to solve their hardest challenges. 

Principle #5

Write the Next Chapter

We’re not just here to tell a compelling story that’s already happened. We’re here to help clients write their next chapter -- and ours.

Meet Our Team

First and foremost, Pinkston delivers results. They played a critically important role helping Covad to develop and execute a communications strategy to respond to a series of jolting regulatory decisions that upended the established order in the industry. Their responsiveness and commitment to the client are unmatched. I would recommend Pinkston to other companies without reservation.

Ed Mattix
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications

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