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Helping an at-home COVID test stand out from the crowd

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A Client set out to slow the spread of the COVID-19 pandemic by offering fast, easy and reliable at-home COVID-19 testing. Pinkston supported them with a campaign to raise awareness and build trust in their platform, ultimately generating more than $16.5 million in ad value.

Pinkston was responsible for designing and executing a communications plan to support awareness around the Client's launch and its continuing operations, including partnerships with airlines, pharmacies, school districts and state governments to distribute and administer tests.

In addition to extensive proactive media outreach and management of incoming media requests, Pinkston’s scope included developing the Client's brand narrative, writing company messaging, producing written content for their website, crafting interview talking points, and developing other materials.

Pinkston also recognized that merely making people aware of the availability of a rapid test for fully at-home use was not enough. Health care is all about trust, and Pinkston set out to build trust by positioning the Client's co-founder and CEO as a thought leader on a wide range of COVID-19 related issues, ranging from testing and containment to mental health and equity.

Since December of 2020, Pinkston’s efforts have resulted in more than 240 pieces of coverage in broadcast, print and online outlets, including 15 national broadcast segments in outlets such as ABC News, CNN, Fox News, CNBC, MSNBC, Yahoo Finance and Bloomberg. This coverage has generated an estimated 1.26 billion impressions and $16.5 million in ad value.

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Christian and his team impressed me with their ability to balance grace and tenacity in guiding us through a challenging time. So I didn’t hesitate to call on them again for advice and PR management. Their efforts continue to strengthen UM Holdings companies.
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John Aglialoro
Chairman & CEO
UM Holdings Ltd.