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Healthcare delivery company pivots operating model post-COVID

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An emergency response healthcare provider, ResponseCo*, was initially designed to address urgent health needs during the COVID-19 pandemic. Post-pandemic, they recognized their need to pivot the organizational design towards a sustainable and scalable model. Pinkston Strategy analyzed the organization to define a go-forward operating model that created clear role responsibility, a refined organizational structure, business case for capacity shifts, cross-functional interaction model, governance, and implementation plan. Pinkston Strategy supported talent selection and creation of new roles. In an accelerated timeframe, the business was poised for success with clear responsibility and reporting lines, a clear talent strategy, and capacity to support growth.


An emergency response healthcare provider, ResponseCo*, emerged from an existing company to serve the rapidly growing needs of federal, state, and local authorities in response to COVID-19. The ability to quickly pivot led to substantial COVID-19-associated revenue. Post-pandemic, the business needed to define their growth trajectory for the future and build a scalable, agile operating model that supported the business operations in the immediate and long term.

Recognizing they were at an inflection point, the executive team asked Pinkston Strategy to evaluate their operating model and develop an approach to pivot current operations to support sustainable growth.

The Pinkston Strategy Approach:

We began by assessing their existing organizational structure and landscape across people, process and technology. Given the organization was operationalized in response to the pandemic, the operating model was solely focused and directed towards COVID-19 response. As the pandemic transitioned to an endemic state, ResponseCo needed to evolve by increasing their capabilities across the disaster preparedness and response continuum and organizing accordingly. With this challenge in mind, we developed and accomplished four priorities in partnership with ResponseCo to establish a long-term business operating model that supported sustainable growth:

  1. Design The Future: Reposition the operating model to effectively pursue, win and deliver on new growth opportunities

  2. Develop The Talent: Ensure the talent strategy supports the acquisition and internal development of critical skill groups required to deliver on growth ambitions / the growth strategy

  3. Drive Accountability: Drive organization-wide accountability through clearly defined roles & responsibilities further documented by governance and interaction models that ensure effective management and decision-making

  4. Define & Measure Success: Assign key metrics with defined targets across organization to maximize profits and meet or exceed financial targets

The new operating model closely aligned with the strategic objectives and growth goals of the business. To minimize the disruption of ResponseCo’s ongoing delivery across contracts, we outlined a sequence of priority activities to transition the business to the new operating model. This included change management approaches and appropriate communication sequencing to adopt new ways of working.


The Pinkston Strategy approach resulted in immediate, tangible value for ResponseCo:

  1. Structured For Success: ResponseCo has newfound capacity to support growth, clear lines of accountability, and increased cross-product collaboration tailored to their growth strategy.

  2. Empowered Leaders: ResponseCo is experiencing increased productivity as leaders understand and adopt clear ownership and responsibility of their roles.

  3. Unified Goals & Incentives: ResponseCo teams now partner and collaborate across the organization with a sense of unified alignment on annual goals defined through clear and targeted success metrics.

*We hold our clients’ confidentiality to the highest respect. Company names are artificial, but the impact is tangible.

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