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Establishing a Voice in Cybersecurity

Coalfire engaged Pinkston to elevate its national profile at a time when major corporate data breaches were happening faster than the media could report them.

Coalfire's Objective

Coalfire is an information technology governance, risk and compliance firm that works with clients in a wide range of sectors. The company engaged Pinkston to elevate its national profile through a thought-leadership campaign built around its CEO. This was a time when major corporate breaches were happening faster than the news could report them and every month a new major entity was informing consumers that they had fallen victim.

Pinkston's Approach

Pinkston positioned Coalfire as a leading voice in breach response and prevention, often being called on as an expert source in coverage of many high-profile data breaches and security vulnerabilities, including USIS, JP Morgan, Home Depot, Jimmy John’s, Apple Pay and Shellshock/Bash Bug.

Pinkston also developed cybersecurity storylines for several key business verticals including critical infrastructure, insurance and cybersecurity underwriting, healthcare, banking and hospitality.


This successful, year-long effort led to more than 50 media placements and more than 50 interviews in top-tier outlets across print, TV and radio, including The Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, Reuters, Associated Press, Politico, CNN Money, Bloomberg Radio, the Jim Bohannon Show and “Varney & Co.” on Fox Business. The campaign’s return on investment included a measurable impact on marketing, according to Coalfire.

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I have relied on Christian Pinkston and Pinkston for more than a decade to help me find the right words at the right time. They have delivered again and again.
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