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Emergency response company addresses revenue cliff, driving revenue and positioning for sustainable post-pandemic growth

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ResponseCo*, an emergency response health care business, had over 90% of revenue tied to COVID-19 services. The challenge was all COVID-19 contracts were ending as the pandemic transitioned to endemic. Pinkston Strategy helped ResponseCo pivot to a post-pandemic growth plan to achieve ambitious annual growth targets while positioning the company for longer-term sustainable growth.


An emergency response company, ResponseCo*, was spun out of a health care division to serve the crisis needs of federal, state, and local authorities in response to COVID-19. The ability to quickly pivot led to substantial revenue highly dependent on COVID-19 emergency funds and services.

90% of ResponseCo’s revenue was tied to COVID-19 services and all contracts were expected to end within four months. With non-COVID revenue insufficient to deliver annual targets, ResponseCo enlisted Pinkston to help address the revenue cliff and reposition the business for sustainable growth.

The Pinkston Strategy Approach:

We mobilized cross-functional ResponseCo teams to focus on new revenue while strengthening sales processes with three main interventions:

1. Expand ResponseCo with existing clients

We established client-centric focus groups across sales, delivery and product teams to expand with existing clients. Simultaneously, introduced process rigor and transparency for weighting federal, state and commercial COVID-19 demand trends to accelerate client engagement and opportunity identification.

2. Target and capture new business

Pinkston helped the team refine opportunity selection criteria to clarify the strategic path to and quantify financial targets. We developed cross-functional pursuit plans to maximize probability of success for prioritized deals with standardized reporting for forecasting.

3. Define and activate sales lifecycle improvement recommended interventions

In partnership with ResponseCo sales, we systematically addressed challenges throughout the opportunity intake process and clarified responsibilities in opportunity pursuits so the team could efficiently focus and capture high impact opportunities.

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