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Building a Reputation for Data Protection

The identity reclamation startup ID Experts enlisted Pinkston to build brand awareness and trust in its groundbreaking medical identity protection services.

ID Experts' Objective

ID Experts engaged Pinkston to raise awareness of the growing threat of medical identity theft and promote the company’s Medical Identity Alert System (MIDAS) product.

Pinkston's Approach

While this campaign was first and foremost a product pitch, it required a thought leadership strategy to build broad consumer and industry awareness beyond niche trade publications. We built our pitch around medical identity theft, which represents an entirely new level of threat. Payment card issuers can refund fraudulent charges and send out a new piece of plastic, but no one can issue a new medical history or a brand new genome.

As part of this effort, Pinkston also developed a video overview of the challenge of medical identity theft and the opportunity to provide an innovative solution, which ID Experts used with investors to launch a key funding round.


Pinkston drove coverage across major national print/online outlets, including the Wall Street Journal, Bloomberg, CNN Money, Reuters, NBC Online, The Hill and Politico. Pinkston also generated coverage in trade outlets and booked 35 radio interviews covering 300 markets.

ID Experts was later awarded a $340 million government contract to protect more than 21 million individuals whose information was exposed in the largest known breach of federal personnel data. ID Experts selected Pinkston to manage the communications campaign for the high-profile launch of its identity-monitoring and theft-recovery program, including coverage monitoring and analysis, media outreach and comprehensive crisis-response planning.

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