Michael Hartman

Senior Creative Producer
Michael Hartman BW 1x1

As Senior Creative Producer, Michael is responsible for ideating, monitoring and producing projects from page to picture.

Michael works tediously with clients to ensure that their vision is given the voice it truly deserves through film, podcast, photography and more. His continuous study and execution of artistic filmmaking and sound design enables him creative edge.

He would consider himself an INFP on the Meyers-briggs scale and a 9 on the enneagram, which, if you know what that means, you would probably get along with him. He has a deep passion for enjoying and listening to the story that lives within all forms of art and finds great joy in sharing his insight with others.

Michael holds a bachelor’s in Cinematic arts from Liberty University. Some of the projects he has been a part of, including his own short film, have achieved multiple high-standing awards for directing, sound-design and mixing.