Jon Aragon

Vice President and Creative Director
Jon Aragon BW

As vice president and creative director at Pinkston, Jon Aragón oversees and develops the creative department’s visual, tonal, and aesthetic characteristics. As we build digital experiences that are beautiful and intuitive, Aragón and his team translate marketing objectives into meaningful creative strategies while working alongside various divisions to advance business objectives.

As a bilingual Afro-Latino and proud son of Colombian immigrants, Aragón offers a unique perspective when approaching design and problem-solving. He is gifted at communicating a clear strategic vision and empowering his team to accomplish ambitious organizational goals across linguistic and cultural barriers.

Aragón specializes in solving business problems with stories that evoke emotion and ignite conversation. In the course of his career, he has led creative departments and driven product development as well as campaign marketing efforts, including the production of short films. He has worked with numerous companies, including Google, Jeep, Sony Music, Rakuten Advertising, and World Relief. Aragón’s work spans multiple industries, such as e-commerce, music, fashion, non-profit, literary publishing, the automotive sector, and blockchain technology.