Derek Sarley

Strategic Accounts
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Derek joined Pinkston in 2002 and has since spent most of his career with the firm, from its earliest days as a boutique earned media shop to its current integrated Comms+Strategy team spanning the United States.

In his current role, Derek works closely with each of the company’s team leaders (VPs and SVPs) to ensure high-impact outcomes for every Pinkston client. He also engages directly on strategic accounts that require significant nuance or expertise.

Previously Derek led one of the company’s communications teams, with significant experience working with a broad range of established and startup companies in tech, healthcare, education and data/privacy. He is an expert in story-telling and messaging, helping clients build compelling thought-leadership platforms and programs. He has ghost-written books, op-eds and articles that have been published in dozens of outlets from coast to coast. His crisis communications work includes a broad range of corporate and political engagements, including two national issue campaigns.

Derek previously managed marketing and communications for the entrepreneurship and technology transfer arms of the largest university in the United States. He has also worked at marketing / communications firms in Georgetown and San Diego. He graduated from Rice University with a BA in Economics and Political Science. Derek currently lives in Washington State.