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In an increasingly competitive environment, independent physicians and medical practices must learn to engage patients in new ways. Our custom communications marketing solutions will help you build the reputation and following you need to grow your practice. Let us help you get started! Simply click the button below and we'll build a free, custom report that diagnoses your profile online.

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A Changing Landscape

Traditionally, doctors have found new patients one of three primary ways: referrals from other doctors, patient word of mouth, or by being part of an insurance provider’s network directory. But that is changing. Patient access to information (especially online) is leading to a more discerning consumer. And as more providers adapt to ACA reforms by consolidating, referral networks are tightening up. Those who chose to go it alone are finding themselves on the outside looking in, without access to the referral network and marketing power of large networks.

80 percent pie chart
Consumers who say that they trust online reviews.

40% reported physician rating sites are “very important” when choosing a doctor.

72 percent pie chart
Users who searched online for health info within the past year.

Of these, 77% began with a search engine such as Google rather than a health-related site.

41 percent pie chart
Patients who say social media would affect their medical choices.

What does this mean? Many patients will examine your social media presence when considering you.

How We Help

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Online Reviews & Testimonials

Online review sites function in much the same way as word-of-mouth referrals — but to a much larger audience. We can help you turn positive patient experiences into 5 star reviews and featured testimonials on your website. We’ll claim your listings on review sites, keep them up-to-date, and respond to patients as they leave reviews. We can also write full-length testimonials for your blog, or even produce video testimonials that can be shared on social media.

Custom Web Design

Your website is the foundation for all of your online marketing efforts, and will be the place most potential patients will end up. While there are free tools available to build your own site, a professionally designed site will look better and work better. A visually appealing interface not only communicates a strong brand, it also allows users to get to the information they’re looking for more easily.

All Websites Include:

  • Professional, unique visual design
  • Responsive framework for mobile display
  • Custom Content Management System (CMS) configuration to easily update site content
  • Ability to post rich media, including videos, images, slideshows, and text callouts
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“I didn’t trust many of the doctors in my area to give me the quality of care that I desired and needed, so I did a Google search and, after sifting through a few spine doctors, finally landed on Dr. Lim. His website was intelligent, easy to follow and gave me the distinct feeling that he and his practice were very professional.”

—New patient

Search Engine Optimization

With so many people beginning their search for health care providers online, you want to aim to be in the running for key search terms in your region. The primary factors for ranking well are keyword relevance and your sites online reputation (gauged by number of links back to your site). We’ll help by researching and optimizing for keywords that potential patients are searching, as well as build up your backlink profile with quality links from other sites.

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Since we began working with Atlantic Brain & Spine , their website traffic has more than doubled.
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Online Advertising

Google AdWords is a great way to get in front of potential patients, especially if your website isn’t yet generating a lot of organic traffic. Ads are paid for on a “pay-per-click” basis, so you only pay if a users clicks through to your site. Several of our team members are Google AdWords certified and can help configure and optimize your AdWords campaign so that you’re getting the best ROI.

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While physician review sites are a great way to connect with patients who are in the process of selecting a doctor, Facebook can be a great way for reaching patients who aren’t yet looking, and for connecting with existing patients to build loyalty. We can help you post consistent, quality content to your Facebook feed. We’ve also found boosted Facebook posts to be a great way for most doctors to get in front of quality leads.

Branding and marketing brochures

Content Marketing

The best strategy for raising your online profile long-term is to publish quality content on a regular basis. We can help identify, write and publish blog articles to your website. In addition, our team can create graphics and images to accompany the articles, and push them out via social media and elsewhere online. Good content that addresses interests, questions, and concerns your potential patients may have will form a solid basis on which you can construct enduring marketing campaigns.

Video Production

Video can connect with audiences in ways that text simply cannot. It’s easier to convey emotions, demonstrate improvement or illustrate your demeanor, which is an important factor in why patients choose a doctor. If you specialize in a particularly complex disease or procedure, video can be an effective way to explain it to patients in a way they understand and that puts them at ease.

Video testimonials – patients telling their own stories of how you’ve helped them return to health – are probably the single most powerful tool you can have. One of your patients going on record talking about your expertise is far better than you talking about your own expertise.

Media Outreach

Getting your name into local media is one of the most effective ways to reach a large audience in one swift motion. In addition to wide exposure to your target market, you gain third-party validation that comes with being an expert source for the media. The fact that a reporter or producer trusted your expertise enough to bring you into her story or onto her segment demonstrates to the audience that you’re at the top of your field. In many ways that’s even more effective than patient reviews

How We Work

We design communications marketing solutions unique to each physician and practice, and adapt as needs shift over time. We’re selective about taking on new clients, and only work for one practice in a particular specialty per local market.

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