Pinkston Journal Vol. 031

The NFL protests' hidden lesson: Don't let your brand get hijacked by politics

What does the NFL teach us about PR and brand control?

Why You Shouldn’t Ignore Video Content

YouTube now has more than one billion users and over 500 million hours of footage being viewed in a single day. Don’t underestimate the capabilities of video content when determining how to reach your target audience.

Nike’s Chief of Design Doodles All Day

John Hoke, the chief design officer at Nike, shares where he finds inspiration and how he manages the design department for one of the world’s most well known brands.

Five Tips to Differentiating Your Brand

Ensure that your brand is carving its own unique path by following these simple but effective tips.

Planning vs. Improvisation on Volvo’s New Ad “Moments”

Musicbed breaks down the amazing cinematics in Volvo’s new ad.

Nine Spooky Podcasts Guaranteed to Frighten You

Looking for a few scary stories to get into the Halloween mood? Start by checking out these podcasts.