Pinkston Journal Vol. 030

Which Live Streaming Setup Is Right for You?

Whether you’re new to livestreaming or an experienced pro, one of these three setups will help you prepare for streaming success.

How to Use Social Media to Find PR-friendly Journalists

Architects, Hunters and Skeptics - having a basic understanding of these three social media archetypes will help you identify who you should be sending your pitches to if you want a quick response.

The secret to powerful videos? Create an emotional connection

“Emotional, sharable content with a personal element is powerful. Video can result in media coverage and tons of social shares.”

How Getting Back To Its Roots Helped KFC Navigate Its Future As A Brand

While KFC’s media channel distribution has evolved with the times (less TV, more digital), the fried chicken fast food chain has found new success by returning to the original face of its brand, the Colonel.

How to Tell Catchy Stories

Musicbed sat down with Job Roggeveen, an Oscar-nominated animator, to find out how he turns simple ideas into a compelling stories.

VIDEO: VW tugs at the heartstrings in new short film

Volkswagen releases a moving short film that uses their brand as the keystone to a father-son relationship.