Pinkston Journal Vol. 022

3 PR Tips for Startups

Brad Williamson, Senior Account Coordinator at Pinkston, shares 3 PR tips that can play a role in accelerating your company’s media presence on a tight budget.

How to Cultivate Creativity

Adam Kingman, brand ambassador for Teva, shares how to steer clear of creativity ruts and create an environment that will harness your best ideas.

Gen Z: A Look Inside Its Mobile-First Mindset

Generation Z, the 13- to 17-year-old bracket that falls behind Millennials, is growing and so is their digital presence. Google breaks down the data behind Gen Z, which is inheriting more technology than previous generations.

Take a Look at the Future of Car Interiors

Tesla has recently announced the launch of its new Model 3, which many believe will set the standard for simple, intelligent and affordably designed car interiors.

What I’ve learned from a decade of being PepsiCo’s CEO

Indra Nooyi, the CEO of a Fortune 50 company, shares 7 takeaways from her career for the next generation of business leaders.

Half of All Organizations Lack Sufficient Digital Savvy

As emerging technology continues to incorporate itself in more facets of the workplace, companies are finding that their employees are falling behind the “digital IQ” curve.

VIDEO: Hyperloop One

Elon Musk has been chomping at the bit to develop the next form of high speed commercial travel. Recently, he proved that day may not be too far away after a successful test of Hyperloop One, a high speed train incorporating electric motors and magnets to slingshot passengers at a speed of over 200mph.