Pinkston Journal Vol. 021

How Craft Beer Turned the Can into a Canvas

The beer market continues to grow with IPAs, porters, fruited beers and more. Breweries are now beginning to compete for consumer eyes by treating beer cans as “visual currency” and placing more emphasis on creative design.

The Importance of Executive Brand Situational Awareness

What is “brand situational awareness” and how can this insight help executive leaders make smart decisions?

Augmented Reality Is Going to Change the Way You Buy Furniture

Augmented reality is already integrating itself into our everyday lives, and it’s now starting to play a role in our interior design decisions.

Why Do Directors Shoot Movies on 70mm Film?

70mm film has received a heavy amount of attention lately, thanks in large part to Christopher Nolan’s new film, Dunkirk, which was shot entirely with 70mm cameras. But what makes 70mm so great?

Which Brands Do Millennials Like Best?

The Drum Network surveyed a number of millennials to gauge some of their favorite (or at least more recognizable) brands.

VIDEO - Collecting the World: Inside the Smithsonian

Directors and curators at the Smithsonian Natural History Museum discuss what it’s like to be the caretaker of more than 140 million pieces of history.

Office Playlist

Here’s what we’ve been listening to in the office this week.