Pinkston Journal Vol. 020

A Visual Map of the Social Media Universe

This “Conversation Prism” designed by JESS3 highlights the wide variety of social media platforms that exist in various categories and industries.

AI and the Future of Work

Brian Solis sits down with Ben Pring to discuss the evolution of technology in the workplace and how it will shape the future of work.

Spotify’s CMO on Using Data to Create Content Marketing Hits

Spotify has rolled out successful ad campaigns utilizing customer data in a very unique and entertaining fashion.

How Does a Virtual Assistant Work?

Machine learning technologies like Siri, Alexa, and Google Assistant are helping humans make to-do lists, find answers to questions and carry out everyday tasks. Gear Patrol unpacks what makes these virtual assistants so smart.

2017 Audubon Photography Awards

Over 5,500 photos were submitted this year for Audubon’s annual photography contest to highlight the most stunning bird photos. Here are a few of the winners.

What Really Happens Inside a PR Crisis War Room

For the general public, a PR crisis is most often viewed through the lens of social media and news outlets. But what are PR playmakers doing behind the scenes to take control of the situation?

Meet the Cameras that Filmed Christopher Nolan’s ‘Dunkirk’

Christopher Nolan’s new WWII movie has already received high praises, and much of the credit goes to his decision to film with 70mm cameras, resulting in an insanely high quality resolution. For more on Nolan’s filming characteristics, check out this video that identifies the unique elements incorporated into all of his work.