Pinkston Journal Vol. 018

RED Hydrogen One Smartphone

RED, the maker of extremely high quality cameras used to film television shows, is venturing into smartphone territory. Check out the Hydrogen One, which will house technology that can produce holographic images.

The Best Aerial Drone Photos of 2017

Dronestragam hosted their annual competition, which has photographers submitting their most impressive drone photos. Take a look at this year’s most mesmerizing winners.

What We Can Learn from 2017’s Biggest PR Crises

Some of the more notable PR crises of the year (i.e. Uber) have already been heavily analyzed. Here’s a more detailed list of what some companies did wrong in 2017 and what the PR industry can learn from these mistakes.

Why Tomorrow’s Banking Industry is Being Built by Design

Mobile technology has already redefined the personal finance industry, so should banks also prioritize visual design on mobile interfaces for consumer engagement?

Video: Fireworks Filmed With a Drone

In light of America’s birthday month, we felt it would be fitting to include fireworks in some form or fashion.

Office Playlist

Here’s what we’ve been listening to in the office this week.