Pinkston Journal Vol. 008

Why Businesses Should Perform Social Listening

What is social listening and how can companies use it to understand customers better? These are just a few of the questions Clutch answers with their in-depth 2017 research.

How Companies Are Approaching AI

Large companies like American Express and P&G are incorporating “cognitive technology” to deliver an improved experience for their customers and leading the way for tech evolution in business.

Brand Cult: The Michelin Man

How did the Michelin Man, also known as Bibs, magnify the human element of a company and become one of the most iconic brand ambassadors in the world?

Instagram Reaches 700 Million Monthly Active Users

Instagram’s user activity continues to grow to unprecedented levels, most likely as a result of the successful incorporation of features pioneered by its rivals (like Snapchat).

Advice on Running a Government Agency Like a Startup, From Someone Who’s Tried It

“I don’t think representative governments or democracies should be run like businesses. I think that they should be businesslike in the approach they take to prioritizing and bringing in efficiencies.”

From Our Creative Director:

The Future Is Clear: Those Who Survive Will Use Video

Joshua Spacht, Creative Director at Pinkston, explains how embracing video as a part of your company’s marketing efforts can reap huge benefits.