Pinkston Journal Vol. 003

When AI and PR Cross Paths:

Big data and artificial intelligence are beginning to play a larger role in our world. Can these technologies help PR professionals make informed decisions about their target audiences?

How Communicators Can Use Petitions and Why They Should:

David Fouse, Pinkston partner and lead strategist, discusses how petitions can serve as an effective communications tool and engage new audiences.

How Color Can Affect Your Marketing Efforts:

Is Frito-Lay’s logo red because the color triggers appetite? Take a look at this infographic that shows how specific colors can determine the perception of a brand.

The Best Places for Startups in America Ranked:

WalletHub released a study that ranks the most tech-friendly places in the US measured by “18 key indicators of innovation-friendliness.” The District of Columbia takes the #1 spot.

How Pandora Builds Employee-Driven Experiences:

As competition for high-quality employees increases, brands like Pandora are creating a workplace culture that provides staff with top-notch experiences and unique opportunities.

The Consequences of Bad Typography (Video):

In this video by, Vox takes a look at how bad typography could be to blame for announcing the wrong Oscar-winning best picture.

From Our Creative Director:

How to Film an Epic Battle (Video)