Pinkston Journal Vol. 002

How Your Executives Should Be Using Social Media:

Ever wonder if your CEO could use social media as an effective branding tool? Here are 4 qualities to ensure they’re doing it right.

Beautifully Designed Technology:

Every year in Germany, the iF International Forum Design highlights tech products across a range of industries that have excelled in design. Gear Patrol picked 15 of their favorites.

Warby Parker's CEO on Creativity in the Workplace:

Neil Blumenthal, CEO and co-founder of Warby Parker, elaborates on the importance of core values in a company and what he does to promote a creative office culture.

Spotify Weekly Playlist:

Here’s what we’ve been listening to in the office this week.

From Our Creative Director:

Joshua Spacht chimes in on some of his favorite content from this week.

How Music Makes Film Memorable:

We all have experienced the power of film. But, I wonder if we adequately recognize that there are many times we "see with our ears." What I mean is that music and even sound design have the power to uniquely inform our perception of a scene or character.

Try this: watch one of your favorite scenes while muting all audio. Where’s the impact, the pathos? In most cases, it’s gone. It’s not like we don’t see the agony, love, or hope on our protagonist’s face. But something is obviously missing.

As a film composer myself, I know that music can make or break a story – whether that story is feature length or a short-film. We like to say, "Imagery tells you what to think. Music tells you what to feel." This article explains why.

Pinkston Takes Arizona (Video):

At Pinkston, we have the immense privilege and responsibility of helping some pretty fantastic (and well-known) clients tell their stories to the world. We do this with spoken and written words. We also do it through imagery and film.

Here’s a clip reel Igor (our videographer) shot and edited for one of our newest clients, Scrum Alliance. Igor and I traveled to Arizona to capture a high school’s retreat in the mountains. Our goal was to communicate how and why Scrum is working and making a difference in this underprivileged school. We met some amazing folks – including administrators, teachers, students, and agile trainers from Blue Cross, Blue Shield. This is a short montage from that trip.