Earned Media

A well-developed earned-media campaign builds trust with your customers in a way that paid media cannot

There are two approaches to getting your name, company or brand into the public eye: paid media and earned media. Paid media is just what it sounds like. It’s media you pay for: advertisements, commercials, pay-for-play media coverage, etc. Earned media is unpaid coverage in the news media: print or online articles, television news segments, radio interviews, opinion pieces, etc.

A well-developed earned-media campaign builds trust with your customers in a way that paid media cannot. According to a Nielson Global Online Customer Survey, 92 percent of consumers trust word-of-mouth recommendations resulting from earned-media mentions, compared to just 24 percent who trust online ads.

Earned media is a valuable and cost-effective way of gaining exposure, building your brand and delivering your message to target audiences. Pinkston specializes in gaining earned-media exposure for our clients. The simple fact of media relations is that press begets press. In order to be in the news, you have to be in the news, and the only way to get in the news is to be diligent. The keys to success are:

  1. continuous development of creative, engaging story angles built around announcements, events, new products, or thought leadership opportunities; and
  2. an aggressive, intelligent approach to pitching targeted media.

When it comes to media outreach, many firms will distribute a press release online or via mass email and consider their work done. At Pinkston, we develop carefully crafted media lists designed to reach desired audiences with maximum efficiency, and we follow up with our contacts to create coverage and gain momentum. Our team-based approach provides the flexibility to approach client challenges individually, avoiding cookie-cutter plans and other pre-baked solutions.

We pride ourselves on the level at which our senior managers invest in each client every day. And our experienced support teams mean we hit the ground running and can begin delivering results on an accelerated timetable.  Whether you need a fixed-length campaign designed to launch a company, product or book, or an ongoing earned media strategy to build your brand, Pinkston has the experience to deliver results from start to finish. Review our capabilities or contact us for more information.


Meet Our Team

David, Brad and the rest of Pinkston staff are a valuable part of the FreedomWorks team, working seamlessly with our internal public relations staff to support our strategic goals and maximize our media reach.

Adam Brandon
Executive Vice President