Wesley Fouse

Senior Account Executive
Wesley Fouse Square Close Up 1

By day, Wesley is a Senior Account Executive at Pinkston where he work directly with clients to help bring creative and digital campaigns to life. By night, he's adept at cooking noodles and going to bed at a reasonable hour.

According to bystanders, Wesley was born with tears streaming from his eyes and a consuming passion for the dramatic burning in his heart. While the tears may have slowed (mostly) over the years, the dramatic flair certainly hasn’t, allowing him to see the potential in every story and draw it out in a compelling and creative way across digital platforms.

Wesley joined Pinkston full-time in 2017 after graduating from Liberty University and was primarily responsible for search engine optimization services, content marketing and social media management. During this time, he was able to dive into the weeds and discover, from spine surgery to presidential campaigning, what kinds of stories resonate in the digital realm and have the power to drive action. Over the years, his role has shifted into project management to help ensure that creative people create and that stories are told powerfully, effectively and on time. He has helped manage campaigns for a diverse range of clients including Stryker, K12, AIG, Consumer Technology Association, PenFed, World Relief, Arizona State University and more.