Ria Duffy

Account Executive
Ria Duffy

Ria is an Account Executive, dedicated to positioning her clients as thought leaders across all media platforms. Using her skills as a writer and media strategist, she actively works to craft new, creative ways to engage with audiences and share her clients’ stories.

She is passionate about researching and staying up to date on new trends in the tech and healthcare spaces. In her time with Pinkston, she has achieved coverage across a variety of top-tier, trade, and local publications. She is committed to thinking about new opportunities to promote organizations and accomplish their goals.

Ria is a native of Falls Church and a proud Wahoo, as a graduate of the University of Virginia with a double-major in Media Studies and Foreign Affairs. When she’s not in the office, she enjoys running (slowly), baking (and often burning) bread, and traveling to (yet always getting lost in) new places.


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