Rachael Keeney

Senior Writer
Rachael Keeney

Rachael identifies clients’ key messages, provides editorial direction, and works with them to create pieces – be they social media posts, press releases, op-eds, white papers or other longform content – to raise awareness, shift mindsets, and ultimately drive change. With extreme attention to detail, organization and thorough research, Rachael produces deliverables like these at a rapid pace, enabling her to help clients comment on the timeliest news topics with a plethora of evidence to support their case.

Rachael’s journalistic instincts stem from her prior work in the publishing industry. There, as both a writer and editor, she sifted through pitches, managed a team of freelancers, asked interviewees compelling questions, pursued interesting story angles, and promoted content for regional magazines.  

They also stem from her time at the University of Maryland. Before graduating with a B.A. in communication and a minor in hearing and speech sciences, she crafted internal and external communications content for the College of Agriculture & Natural Resources and the College of Behavioral & Social Sciences.


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