Nathan Wehrly

Account Coordinator
Nathan Wehrly

As an Account Coordinator at Pinkston, Nathan works tirelessly with his team’s various clients to secure earned media opportunities on the regional and national level. From supply chain logistics, to the Christian media space, to veteran affairs, Nathan has a diverse set of clients that he works to ensure the best outcomes for. 

Through teachability, adaptability, and an unwavering perseverance, Nathan is not only determined to ensure the success of his clients but help the Pinkston family, as a whole. 

Nathan also earned his Bachelor of Science degree from Liberty University, having a focus in Government: Politics & Policy. 

Nathan's hard work is reiterated by his belief that in order to press well, one must dress well.


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Pinkston has always secured the top television and radio spots for me both locally and nationally. They are highly recommended and I intend to work with them throughout my career.

Scott McEwen
#1 New York Times Best-Selling Author