Gretchen Pascoe

Director of Operations
Gretchen Pascoe

As Pinkston's director of operations, Gretchen oversees hiring and human resources, finances, company policies and a wide range of administrative functions that keep Pinkston running smoothly. Since joining Pinkston, Gretchen has implemented new hiring procedures, established innovative policies such as our intra-office learning and volunteer time-off initiatives, built up our intern program, and centralized Pinkston’s internal operations with oversight of both personnel and financial activities.

Gretchen’s background spans the private sector as well as the non-profit world. She has held roles in operational management, fund development, and training. If there is a project to undertake, Gretchen’s strength lies in breaking it down into manageable portions and seeing it through to completion.

Gretchen holds a bachelor’s degree in marketing from Samford University in Birmingham, Alabama.


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