Emilee Lamb

Senior Account Executive
Emilee Lamb

As a senior account executive, Emilee’s work at Pinkston focuses on strategy development, content creation and media outreach for a broad spectrum of nonprofit and corporate organizations.

Emilee loves helping clients tell their stories in engaging and innovative ways, and has worked with individuals and organizations in a wide variety of sectors, including policy, lifestyle and entertainment, technology, philanthropy and education. She’s placed client content in a range of national and regional outlets, including USA Today, CNN, Washington Post, Fox News, Morning Consult and more. 

Prior to joining Pinkston, Emilee worked at a private school, where she helped launch new advancement initiatives and taught Spanish, a position that helped her build skills in developing effective content and adapting messaging for different audiences and objectives.

Emilee graduated with honors from the University of Tennessee, where she studied journalism and Latin American and Caribbean Studies.


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First and foremost, Pinkston delivers results. They played a critically important role helping Covad to develop and execute a communications strategy to respond to a series of jolting regulatory decisions that upended the established order in the industry. Their responsiveness and commitment to the client are unmatched. I would recommend Pinkston to other companies without reservation.

Ed Mattix
Senior Vice President of Corporate Communications