Our Philosophy

It's not about whom you know, it's about how well you tell your story

“It’s not what you know, it’s whom you know” once defined public relations, giving incredible weight to the size of a PR agent’s Rolodex and his ability to build good relationships with reporters and producers. But the media landscape is changing. Those relationships are still important, but the days when a reporter would hold one position at a prestigious outlet for decades are over. Reporters move around, outlets shift focus, and the news cycle changes with the hour.

In today’s media landscape, PR is not about knowing the right person; it’s about telling a compelling story.

Operating in this new paradigm, Pinkston takes a proactive approach to media relations by focusing on the “wow factor.” We concentrate on generating positive press coverage for our clients by highlighting the characteristics that make our clients unique, innovative, and interesting; maximizing the news impact of announcements of events; and establishing client representatives as thought leaders in their industry.

Pinkston maintains an eclectic group of clients ranging from vehicle manufacturers to health information technology contractors to non-profit organizations to New York Times best-selling authors. The thread that connects Pinkston’s clients is not a vertical market or specialty. It’s that they’re all doing something innovative, and they have a fascinating story to tell.


Meet Our Senior Team

David, Brad and the rest of Pinkston staff are a valuable part of the FreedomWorks team, working seamlessly with our internal public relations staff to support our strategic goals and maximize our media reach.

Adam Brandon
Executive Vice President